Lamar Odom vs Ojani Noa Live

Watch Paulie Malignaggi vs TikTok star Corey B ahead of exhibition

PAULIE MALIGNAGGI was picked up by a security guard after a confrontation with TikTok star Corey B ahead of their exhibition.

Somehow, the former two-weight boxing champion is set to fight the comedian, whose real name is Corey Bonalewicz.

That is despite viral troll Corey B having never had a boxing match in his life.

The dreadful mismatch has been put together by Celebrity Boxing and set for October 10 in Miami, Florida

Also due to be on the card is NBA legend Lamar Odom, 41, who recently beat singer Aaron Carter, 33, in an equally bizarre bout.

Malignaggi, 40, clashed with Corey B, 33, while they were both ringside after the retired boxer had CHALK thrown at him.

And the pair kept up the circus act while on stage to promote their fight

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